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The Oregon Tragedy

October, 2015
By John Huckans

In Another Publication Goes Digital & Narcissism's Darker Side (March 2013) I commented on the then recent mass murder of school children by a celebrity-seeking, criminal narcissist whose name I don't remember – but if you know who it was, please don't tell me.  I don't want to clutter my mind with the names of individuals best left forgotten to history.  There are plenty of good people more deserving of remembrance.

At any rate, the latest, at a community college in Oregon, happened on a gun-free campus making it a bit safer for the shooter to go about his business.  But this time, according to several witnesses, the tragedy has all the hallmarks of a religious hate crime.  As nearly everyone must or should know by now, the students were told to stand and declare their religion, after which Christians were shot in the head, others in the leg or lower parts of the body.  If this does not qualify as a religious hate crime then that term has no meaning.

In the March 2013 commentary referred to above, I said, in part...

“... In many American communities, where stabbings and shootings happen almost every day, the local news makes a brief mention and then moves on.  No fifteen minutes of fame included.  For mentally-deranged people nurtured in a culture of narcissism and violent entertainment, it has to be big – really big.  Big enough to monopolize network news and tabloid television for days, if not weeks, and big enough to get the criminal's picture on the front cover of the National Enquirer.  In short, media-assisted narcissistic gratification for the otherwise unaccomplished misfit.  Instant fame that doesn't depend on talent and years of dedication and hard work...”

For anyone interested in reading the full piece, we've provided a link to Another Publication Goes Digital...

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